December 2, 2008

back in one piece!

Salam sejahtera,

Hi y'alls! terasa rindu plak nak update blog nih, walaupun jauh di sudut hati, sgt malas

ok, i just got back from Seattle last Saturday..The journey was ok sbb I slept all the, x perasan the flight landed..take off pun x prasan..haha..

basically, Seattle was just wonderful to me! The trip sgt best sbb kawan2 sume satu kepala! bak kate syira, people from Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Tennessee and California came all the way to Seattle to meet the little Zurya..oh, and I just love her place! sgt cozy okayy, walapun kecik..mind you, kecik2 pun, dpt sumbat kteorg yg 9 ketul kesemuanya..merasalah mcm sardin seminggu tuh! haha..

and, talking about thanksgiving, ia takkan sempurna tanpa Black Friday shopping..haha..,this time, I went to Seattle Premium Outlet, 30minutes drive from Seattle Downtown..We reached there as early as 10.30pm, and half of the stores dah bukak da apa lagih! I serang Guess first, and then Calvin Klein. That were the 2 main stores where I shopped, plus Quicksilver..That was it! haha..then we sambung shopping kt downtown and I bought myself a Lacoste shoe..hehe..dah lame mengidam tuh penaaaat sgt sampai dh x boleh berjalan dah..haha..sebab we all tak tido for more than 25 hours y'alls!

and now, I'm back in one piece..back in State College yg diliputi salji nih..oh ya, Seattle x sejuk pon, just hujan, it was nothing compared to State College gituh! haha...

and my economy now is in recession..tak tau bile die akan bounce balik to stable state..haha..need more money for this coming winter break..(3 minggu je lagi..yea yea!) tp still not decide yet where to go..tgk bajet jugak la..hurm..*sigh*

pictures?? byk sgt! tgk la bile aku rajin nk upload..hehe..



Amir Hazwan said...

thanksgiving nh muraahan mcm boxing day jugek ek?

LZ said...

wah seattle..did u go to seattle grace hospital? :P

abdul haleem arbi said...

mmg murahan sgt..sampai rasa cam nk beli sume bende..the largest sale event of the year katanya..

lz, everybody keeps asking me bout the same question..x sure where the hospital actually, the answer is, no, i did