February 27, 2009

I got 'em right!

I got my predictions right.
My picks for the 3 contestants that will through to the top 12 came out to be right!
So people, the other 3 of top 12 are:

  • Allison Iraheta (even though I didn't like her rendition of Alone, tp she was one of the best among the worst last night..Kak Carrie jugak yg best bawak lagu tuh..all hail to Carrie Underwood!)
  • Kris Allen (x bagus sgt ponn, tp he stood out from the rest yg cam hampehh~)
  • Adam Lambert (definitely producer's choice...huhhh~)

ok ciao!
gotta sleep early tonight!


Amir Hazwan said...

I'm so gonna vote for Kris Allen! gituh ekekeke.. I hope he's better with his guitar.
Allison's Alone was good last nite (result show). Kenapa dorang nyanyi nampak susah gila Kak Carrie nyanyi muka x tarik pun? hoho..
no comment utk Adam. he deserves a spot.

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

kan kan??
kak carrie effortless gler kot nyanyi lagu tuh..i was expecting the judges to compare allison ng kak carrie..tp nan ado..hehehehe...