February 3, 2009

Hari kedua paling penat dalam hidup..

Oh! sgt penat!
semalam, which is ahad..I worked for dinner shift which ended at 9pm..but it was 10.30pm when I walked out of Redifer..huhh~ Super Bowl punye pasal, I stayed until the game ended with the Steelers won the thingy..btw, i enjoyed the game eventho i had the chance just to watch the 4th quarter..huhu..

dari redifer, went straight away to library sebab nak buat lab report yg due today..the lab was about Irish Valley Member in Catskill Formation in which we have to come out with 5 sedimentary facies to describe the formation..bunyik mcm senang, but!!!! pecah kepala jugak nak figure out 5 different facies to cater 8 hand samples and 7 thin sections...fuhh~~ by 3am, i was 80% done with the lab report...it was already tooooo late so i went home..scary jugak, sebab dah xde sape2 kat luar..

untuk menghilangkan rasa takut, i phoned my mum, borak2 so that takde la rase cuak sgt..got to talked with my youngest brother and my dad too..after a 13 minutes conversation, i finally made it to The Graduate..settled everything down and got to sleep by 3.45am kot..

then, ade plak kelas 9pagi tadi..so i woke up early..the earliest in the house as usual..and pegi kelas mcm biasa..pukul 2.30pm i had a lab (lab which i need to turn in the lab report)..thank god that there were no microscope observation or some sort this week..it was just some fill in the blank kinda lab..so, i sneaked out after one hour (it suppose to be a 3 hour lab..hehe..) and redeemed one and a half hour of my beauty sleep on the couch..huhuhu..skg baru ade rasa lega sikit..

so, people, pengajarannya, jangan buat keje last minute!!! x pasal2 x cukup tido! i've been reminding myself about this particular matter but it seems that procrastinating is always there in my blood..is it a genetic disorder or sumthin?? if so, I wonder where i might got it from..hahahaha..

so, it is clear that THE LONGER YOU WAIT THE WORSE IT GETS!!!!!!!!!

why hari kedua paling penat dalam hidup?? sebab this was definitely not the 1st one..sebab xde lagi hari yang dpt mengalahkan hari yang aku rasa paling penat sekali kat dunia ni..maybe i need another entry for that kalau rajin la..haha..


Amir Hazwan said...

hari pertama paling penat dalam hidup yang TOK aktiviti tu kah? apa nama dah lupa... yg ramai2 gadoh ng pakcik camp tuh smpai butet tangis bagai? ekekeke

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

hhaahaha..u got it right!! tapi bukan TOK aktiviti la..BANSEKI..hahaha..

Amir Hazwan said...

ouh yesss. hiks. bangga dpt teka betul gituh.