February 26, 2009

Nota Sebelum Tidur aka Muhasabah Diri

Help me get through this guys!
I'll be having 3 exams next week. 2 on Monday alone, and the other one on Thursday. 2 on Geology classes and the other is Sociology.
I even have a group presentation on Tuesday and a lab due on Wednesday.
And Redifer Student Employee Meeting is on Monday night, the night before the group presentation for Marine Geology.
One thing about this presentation, we are still in the stage of figuring out when and where to meet, let alone the business of discussing and constructing the power point presentation and most importantly, appointment with Demian. All of those need to be done as soon as possible but we literally haven't started anything yet! We even don't know each other!! OMG!
Gotta keep myself composed and prepared for the challenges I'll be facing. Work hard! Pray hard! Study smart! **perghhh**
oh! I almost forgot about one thing. I work on Sunday night ya'alls!! I'll be going home from work at like 10pm the earliest. I'd be extremely exhausted for sure and I definitely have to fight that in order to do revision! How I'm hoping that at this moment I'm done with at least half of the materials but the truth is, I haven't started anything yet!!!
I'm scaring myself here.
Ok, I don't wanna drag this issue and giving myself a headache.
It's better for me to get to sleep now!
Bye people!

p/s: The 2nd group of the top 36 was just terrible! Overall, bad bad song choices and only few that stood out from the rest.


zamri said...

Tidur puas2, wake up fresh, kerja kuat2. u can do it!

Amir Hazwan said...

betul tuh zamri.

i like kris allen. hihihihihhi

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

kris allen yang nyanyi michael jackson tu keh?? motiff??
hadekk hadekk memang seswatuh!