February 18, 2009

Efficient procrastinator

**clear throat**

okay, a confession has yet to be made:

It is official today that it is my first day of skipping class of this semester. How should I feel about it? Regret? hurm..i should not..I have a plenty of reasons to doing this..it is not that I overslept and being a lazy ass to get up of the bed..I've been to marine geology class at 11.15am and even had a wonderful breakfast at the Dunkin Donuts before..
But why do I do this?
The reason is simple yet might sounds complicated:
It is the opportunity cost that played in my mind as my eye was staring at Damien's notes on the board..yes, my mind was actually somewhere else during the lecture..
I was thinking, how the hell I can complete marine geology's summary and homework in 2 days time..yes, it sounds crazy that both of them are due this coming Thursday.
I still have a lab due tomorrow..geology of oil and gas lab which requires me to use MAC to do it..dont ask me why coz Windows isn't capable of doing this **another strong reason for me to buy a Macbook..wink wink**
So, now i am sitting in the library's computer lab **of course using Mac desktop** and updating this blog which definitely the last thing I should be doing considering my current situation..ngehehehe..
Yeah, back to opportunity cost..I sacrifice the 1.25 hours of the-matilah-kalau-skip-lecture-by-the-great-Rudy-Slingerland because I think I need time to do some other works..yeah people, i know i'm procrastinating now but, this is what i think it takes to be efficiently procrastinating which is to use every second possible to finish everything up even by skipping lectures..I know my friend will back me up by giving me their notes and lecture recordings so that I won't be so left out..hehehehe...

so, enough with blogging for now..get back to work haleem!!!!!