February 4, 2009

Hollywood week

Yeah, the first part of the Hollywood week was shown last night. Judging from the audition, and what I watched last night, I have some favorite contestants already! **woot! woot!**

  1. Anoop Desai
  2. Danney Gokey
  3. Frankie Jordan
  4. Jamar Rogers
  5. Jasmine Murray
  6. Michael Castro
They have the voice, the talent, the look, the potential and most importantly they are what this whole competition is all about. I'd love to see them through the top 12. And I'm pretty sure one of them would be the in the final 2.

However, they were no snapshots of Frankie and Michael last night, but I'm pretty sure they did so well. And I think Michael Castro will surely overshadow his brother form last season, Jason Castro.

It will be a tough season I guess because everybody is really talented. So guys, tune up to FOX every Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm ET!!

**pictures from americanidol.com**


Amir Hazwan said...

I know 2 of them who didn't make it to the top 36. nak spoiler x? ekekekeek...
I'm rooting for Anoop. I think he can win or at least top 2. but maybe too early to tell.
And I loved loved loved Danny. Looking good, talent good bak kata Kak Julia hikssss.

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

melk pun suke anoop the most compared to all 6 of them..

wait! uolss dah tau sape masok top 36???? i dont wanna know!! how on earth u wud know that??????

so, sah2 la anoop masuk top 36 kan??? hahah..susah la kot die nk menang..are americans ready for indian american to win AI?? too soon kot after barack being the president..hahaha..

as for danny..die sgt bagus! but he is a reminiscent of david cook..i dont want another cook this year hokayy! but pasti die do well in the competition..

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

bukan 2 org la..3 org of my list yg didnt make it through top 36..sedih..anyway, it is officially that i'm rooting for jasmine, anoop and danny..all 3 ada potential pegi top 5 kan?? hahahah..yakin je..

Amir Hazwan said...

uols, theres a website called mjsbigblog.com. tiap hari mek baca hokay, selalu update pasal idols. mek kan idol geek. hiks.

and 95% people on that site are rooting for Anoop. He's really good, you see. (unlike Sanjaya, duhh)

I don't think Danny is a reminiscent of Cookies. Cos I hated him then, still hate him now (ayat Simon masa Hollywood week ahaks) but I like Danny. Damn, nama diorang start huruf D. Dah sama di situ haha.

Amir Hazwan said...

I'm not sure about Jasmine. Didn't like her audition. We'll see how she's doing in top 36.

eh 3 orang ke? Damn, I like Jamar.

OMGGGG (ttba baru terpikir) !!! How can they let Von Smith thru to top 36 and send Jamar home?? cam sial... fyi, everybody, i mean EVERYBODY hates Von Smith. shites

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

yeah i know..i gone through some of his vids on utube..nyanyi and i'm telling you..die reti menjerit je weY!! bak kate simon, indulgently terrible..hukhuk..

tgk video2 anoop tuh, die mmg mantap okayy!!! huhuh..and most importantly, he's fresh gituh! huhuh..jasmine pun okay pe..