February 19, 2009

First result show

I'm pissed off and soooo disappointed..
It was the 1st result show for the 1st group of top 36 to know who are the 3 contestants who get the most vote to proceed to top 12.

And guess what??
Anoop didn't make the cut!!!
I know it was really tough last night as everybody performed their very best (I have to admit that this season's contestants are by far the most talented).
But the thing is, I really (really really) want Anoop to make it through the top 12.
I was shocked to find out that Michael Sarver instead made it..I have no idea why America prefer Michael as opposed to Anoop. I know I sound bias here but tell you what, Anoop really can sing dude!!

And it was no surprise to see Danny Gokey and Alexis Grace guaranteed their spot in the top 12 because both of them were incredible last night, and I personally feel that they are the top 2 best performance of the night.

However, there is still hope for Anoop. There will be a wild card show in 2 weeks time. In this wild card round, the judges have all the power to pick 3 contestants who they feel deserve a spot in the top 12 but have gotten low vote during the top 36 show.
And since all of the judges are crazy over Anoop, I'm damn sure that he will make it. **grin**

So, no more worries.
Am crossing finger for Anoop.
And I'm starting to like both Alexis and Danny. He was really amazing singing Mariah Carey's 'Hero' and I really like it even though I can sense that he was trying to imitate last season's winner, David Cook.
I'm looking forward to see Lil Round and what Norman Gentle has to offer at this stage of the competition.
And I hope to see jamar Rodgers in the wild card round. He totally deserves to be in the show.

Dear readers,
presenting to you the top 12:

Alexis Grace

Michael Sarver

Danny Gokey


Amir Hazwan said...

as much as i hate cook, i hate gokey even more. for god's sake, buang kahak boleh x?? BENCI. period.

haleem said...

sampai ble2 pun xkan suke david cook!

Amir Hazwan said...

ok pembetulan. i dont hate cook, i just dont like him. skarang ok je since dia duet ngan kak carrie nyanyi lagu go ur own way hari tuh ahaks