April 23, 2008

Previous chapters...

dear readers,

There were so many things happened in the previous weeks that i couldn't spend some times blogging.

After i got my haircut, the next day was the semi formal organized by my workplace, Redifer Dining Commons..I was just easily overwhelmed with this kind of event because I love the dancing, aside of picking suitable clothes that would match my partner. the story behind the shirt(light pink shirt with red and black stripes):
after several hours walking in the nittany mall that day, i finally made up my mind that i have to get something from the american eagle store. there were so many choices where most of them i couldnt afford to (i could actually, but then it would be a PEMBAZIRAN). therefore, i straight away walked towards the 'clearance' items and browsed for some shirts. I grabbed two shirts, one blue and the other's pink; and tried to put them on in the fitting room. I called Zack (my partner for the night) and she told me she'll be wearing pink. fortunately, i had this pink shirt on, and without hesitation, i bought it.
well, the semi formal went very well and i loved to see everybody looking good. after the event, we went to Chronic town, enjoying hookah and then had a very late dinner at Denny's. The day was really tiring for me.

Then, saturday came and i was unusually excited because that night was CARRIE UNDERWOOD concert which i have waited so long. Anyway, we had this midwest games meeting and after that i went shopping with wan. I bought a sunglass =) and a couple pairs of shorts (summer!!).

Talking bout the concert, omg! carrie was awesome and she was stunningly beautiful!!!! her voice was in a very good shape, i had goosebumps throughout the concert. Tell you what, it is worth spending $66 for that!!!!

and the week went well until we got our sedimentary exam back. I failed terribly (like i expected). Everybody did kinda badly but zam! i've no idea how he gets high marks..lol

last weekend was the blue and white weekend. to tell the truth, i wasnt jumping off the chair knowing about this weekend because everybody seemed extremely excited. anyway, i went to the blue and white game by accident, and it was pretty fun! hahahha..

the next day, we had this fieldtrip to GREAT FALLS, Maryland. The initial plan was to go on Saturday, but most of my classmates disagreed for the blue and white game reason. Thus, we went on Sunday instead. I dont want to talk much about it. All i want to say is, that is the beginning of my journey of becoming a great geologist. And we went back soaking wet! hahahaha...

**pictures coming soon =)**

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