March 28, 2008

Malaysian Cultural Night, Penn State 2008

The opening act, silat.
Good job zul!! Even though there were voices saying it was a bit of violence to be portrayed on stage, but I still think it was one of the best performances that night.

Singing by Zawa and myself.
**there is no picture for sad..but they say it was entertaining as we owned the crowd..they SWAY with us!! cheers =p
anyway, here's the video:

I was backstage this time, changing my clothes but after watching the video the dancers did pretty good job..really good!

Wayang Kulit
There were so many controversies about wayang kulit before the night. But guess what, most of the audience agreed that it was the best performance of the night..the story line was hillarious..the narrating voices were fabulous especially the 'farmer' by Ron..Everybody wanted to know whose voice was that because he did this southern accent so very well! Congratulations!

Dikir Barat
Another big task of mine. I was the only 'tukang karut' as my partner had a health problem that he couldn't sing. I fumbled the lyrics!!! OMG! I just couldn't believe myself did that. But we did pretty well after all!! And I was really happy to know people reactions towards our dikir barat. *sigh*

Singing by Budin and Far
Singing 'Dua Insan', they did it in pitch and it was good!

Fashion Show
I was part of this too. I wore Baju Melayu and Wan was my partner, she wore this fabulous kebaya nyonya. Everyone delivered their best and it seemed like the audience enjoyed it!

Closing act: Joget Lambak
The craziest part of the night. Once again, Zawa, Budin, Far and myself took the stage to sing Joget Berhibur by Dato's Siti Nurhaliza. And all of the audience joined us on stage and did this joget lambak routine..It was really havoc and really cool!! I love it!

Finale: Photo Taking Session!!
I love this sooo sooo much!! lol =p

Here's the link for more videos:

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