August 28, 2007

I love the!!!!

huhu….entering the first class at the university marks the starting point of the new chapter in my life..

venue: 112, Walker Building
time: 9.05am

ggrrrrr…dub dab dub dab…anxiety melampaui batas!

at 1st, i expected kelas ni boring because i hv no idea what i gonna learn for this course (GEOSC 001)

it is soooooo thick that my back hurts!

the instructor started with talking about the rise of sea level nowadays ..

then he touched on volcanaic eruption in Iceland, 1793
it happened for 8 months!!! and 20% of human population kt situ mati!…

the climax is TSUNAMI DECEMBER 26th–> Indonesia!
sudden sudden, i felt tsunami really close to me, bcoz its indonesia..our neighbour..kedah pun kene kan??

then, he showed a video on how the wave spreads during the tsunami…

instructor tu keeps on saying.."IT WAS AN INCREDIBLE PHENOMENA..AMAZING ISN’T IT?"

sesudah itu, aku menyedari the beauty behind geoscience studies…n i really look forward for the next class!!!

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