August 30, 2007

The first year seminar is nerve-wrecking!

there is one course that every freshman of the earth n mineral science faculty needs to is called EMS FRESHMAN SEMINAR (EM SC 100S)..

the prof is sooo his voice is sooo soft that i am bareley able to hear and understand his words…dush!!! mcm mane ni?? his name is Digby Macdonald..hehe name je kiut! ahax!

then, he straight away gave us the syllabus outline..that was fine..yg x fun nye, we need to complete a written assignment on 5 different choices of topic which neither one caught my attention..

1) global warming
2) the oil crisis
3) the hydrogen economy ( ????????? what the heck is this??????? )
4) The federal deficit ( ????? grrrrr…..)
5) the AIDS crisis in Africa

fuh! i have 2 weeks to complete one topic but God! satu habuk pun aku xtau ape2..


*p/s: nak pg gym pun x sempat coz fitness center d penuhi warganegara amerika..

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