February 8, 2010

Of Bowling and Snow Madness

Yeah, the title says it all.
I hit the bowling lane last week after it seemed like forever since I played. So, here's a video of me (of course!) bowling. tak strike pun! hahaha.. video

Snow Madness
Yes, Jumaat malam arituh, snow turun dengan lebatnya and as a result, 2kaki snow meliputi seantero state college! nak jalan pun susah ni ha! well, on my way to work on saturday afternoon, i snapped some pics. ade org tgh tolak2 kereta sbb kete tak leh gerak. And seeing other people's expression time dieorg jalan tu pun lawak sebab semua org pun sgt berhati hati. hehehehe..

well, enjoy the pics (dekat atas tu ha, malas nk tarik pegi bawah..heh)

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