January 18, 2010

It was a mess.

The week has been crazy. I mean work. Class is going fine. But there were lots of problem at work. With the computer glitch and everything, the scheduler's office has turned into a mess. But thank God, we fixed everything and that was not easy. It had me working my ass off for 8hours, went home at 1am in the morning. Thanks Barbara, the head scheduler who was so helpful, patient and fun at the same time. Now that the problem has been fixed, we had nothing to do just now. The 4 hour shift just seemed too long to handle! haha..

And its Martin Luther King day tomorrow hence no class! yeay!

Oh yeah. Winter break was super fun!!!! The road trip from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam to Grand Canyon to San Diego to Los Angeles and finally to San Francisco was awesome!! Thanks a lot to my 'carmates': Nysa and Sheikh (drivers) and Zawa. I had fun you guys! Thanks again for making this trip memorable.
Spent a lot of money **A LOT!!!** for sure, but they are all worth it. I love San Francisco the most. I do love Grand Canyon too, but it's a different kind of love. It's just the love that comes with passion. yes, I am so passionate about rocks nowadays, believe it or not. hahaha..i sound like a geologist now am i? hah! My jaw dropped all the time whenever I saw the canyons. They were breathtaking! That's like the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life! And I promise myself to go to the Grand Canyon for the second time before I graduated.

Talking about class, I hope this semester will run smoothly. I am taking a Geobiology class where there is a field trip to Denver! yes, Denver, Colorado. It's going to be a 5 days field trip and we'll be looking for fossils. dinasour traces and stuff like that. sounds fun right?

Well, that's a whole lot of updates for now.
Will catch up with more stories soon!

*p/s: wanna watch NINE real bad but it's no longer showing in State College. *sigh*


nysa said...

heee..thanks 2 u too who made the car so hype all the time..except mase ko berebot ngn ak sp dpt tdo dlm kete..=p

and yes..the trip was awesome =)

p/s: squash mari?

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

aku mmg loser sbb keje every weekend.
tgk la bile bley men squash. heh

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